Prospective Puppy Owner:

     Thank you for taking time to consider a Prestige Dalmatian!!! Whether you are looking for your next best friend, considering a working partner in obedience or your next conformation show prospect, we can help. And if we do not have what you are looking for we can certainly point you in the right direction.

Prestige Dalmatians

     We are exclusive to the Dalmatian breed, which means that we are totally and 100% devoted to maintaining both the welfare and quality of this breed. We DO NOT produce puppies as a “puppy mill” business for profit. Our breeding program is designed in order to advance the QUALITY of the breed. Each litter is carefully planned out, most times months to years in advance. We select both the brood bitch and the stud dog based on a vigorous criterion we feel will result in the goal we have set. As responsible breeders, we feel it is our duty to place our puppies in the best matched homes for them. We have a questionnaire that we will ask to be filled out so we can best match your needs with the needs of our puppies. The types of questions will include:
1. Home- Location, type, yard, fencing etc.
  1. Family- Single, married, children (ages, boys, girls)
3. Family Lifestyle- Active, Travel etc.
  1. Prior Dog Ownership- Breed, experience, training, what happened
  2. Caretaker- Hours away from home/at home, feeding, pottying
  3. Goals- Companion, obedience, show, agility etc

Our dogs have been extensively health tested including BAER testing for hearing, OFA certified for hips, CERF examined for eye health as well as permanently identified with either a tattoo or microchip; all the requirements the parent club; Dalmatian Club of America, require in order for a Dalmatian to get their CHIC (Canine Health Information Center) number. Health testing is a very important part of Prestige. We require stud dogs also have their CHIC number with good results.

After all the leg work has been done and the breeding has taken place, we continue to monitor with ultrasounds and X-rays at appropriate times. Then when the litter is born there will be vet examinations, worming, hearing tests, temperament testing, puppy evaluations by multiple breeders and breeder judges and the list goes on.

And it does not stop there; the puppies go to their new homes. But, we are still available for questions, evaluations, advice on training challenges, feeding recommendations and more. And if for some reason down the road you cannot keep your Prestige Dalmatian, we go to work to find them another home with someone who will care for our dog or they come home to us in the meantime.

With Prestige Dalmatians we are committed to our dogs from beginning to end. You will know its lineage, health, temperament, background, training, mother and much more.

You will be able to visit the litter before you even decide that a Prestige puppy is for you, but we are confident that after you visit, you will understand the commitment we have made to this breed and that it will show through our puppies.
Beth A Johnson