Prestige Dalmatians make a lot of people happy with our dogs! Check them out below in their new homes!!!!
Prestige's Spontaneous Combustion
, "Bella"
Loved by the Marconi Family
Prestige's Got Moxie
, "Roxy"
Loved by the Glenn Family
Prestige Dalmatians
Prestige's Right to the Point
, "Hobie"
Now loved by the Brosi Family
Prestige's Fireman Sam
, "Sam"
Loved by the Burns Family
Prestige's Forever Young
, "Molly"
Loved by the Bardo Family
Prestige's Man onthe Silver Mountain
, "Hudson"
Loved by the Chernoski Family
Prestige's Lady In Red
, "Scarlett"
Loved by Debra Yedesko
Prestige's Heartbreaker
, "Maddie"
Loved by Nicole Mandracchia
Prestige's With Open Arms
, "Jackson"
Loved by the Varsanyi Family
GCH CH Prestige's Both Sides of the Story
, "O'neil"
Now loved by Amy Earl
CH Heegee's Reflection of An Angel
, "Daisy"
Forever loved by the Griffith Family
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